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Google Shopping Price Scraping

Competitive Prices

We offer the lowest prices with zero monthly fees. Found a better price? We’ll beat it.

24 Hour Turnaround

24 hour turnaround for up to 6,000 products.

Clean & Easy

All documents will be easily understandable.


The service we offer will provide you with business intelligence on what the products you sell are being sold at, by both you and your competition on Google Shopping. This in-turn allows you to increase profit and sales by giving you insight on the lowest prices available on Google Shopping to which you can then undercut your competition.

Google Shopping Price Scraping – Let us do the work for you!

What do we require?

Starting out
Well simply put, very little! All we need are the barcodes from your products. Product SKUs are optional to make your output data more easier to understand but is not mandatory.

Cut the costs!

We’re cheaper than minimum wage.

Let’s say to gather the data from one product it would take two minutes and that you would like to do this for 5000 products; 10,000 minutes ÷ 60 = 166.67 hours to complete this. At a rate of £7.38 an hour this would cost you £1,230 and take 24 business days.

Clean & Easy

Our output data is clear and straight to the point- the data you need. Using our Google Shopping Price Scraping service,  Each barcode will show all of the sellers for that single product, the price, postage, and store name. What more could you need?

  • Find product

    How It Works

    Using the barcode we search Google Shopping for your product.

  • Grab data

    Your competitor’s prices, postage costs, and store name will be saved.

  • Rinse & repeat

    This process would then be repeated for all of your barcodes that you supply.

  • Data cleaning

    All of the data is then put into either CSV or XLSX format, depending on what you choose, and is then cleaned.

  • Completed

    The document is then sent back over to you for you to review and update your product prices.

Let’s get to it!

Ready to start Google Shopping Price Scraping? Simply fill in the contact form and one of the TipTop Team will reply back to you within 24 hours.


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